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EatNow & Langkawi

This post is sponsored by eatnow. Although sponsored this does not change the way the post is written.

We had a road trip last weekend and we were due to arrive home around dinner time. We ruled out cooking dinner because both of us were tired! So, the solution was to either grab takeaway or to dine out. To make things simpler it was a good opportunity to try out ordering food by mobile. I hate doing big takeaway orders over the phone as it feels like there is bound to be a miscommunication. Ordering online makes things simpler.

I always wanted to try Langkawi so it was an easy choice. We ended up choosing the pickup option since it wasn├óÔé¼Ôäót too far away from home.
Here is what we ordered, the mobile site was really easy to use.



Even got an SMS to confirm which is handy! The restaurant also called to let us know when it├óÔé¼Ôäós ready. I was a bit surprised to find out the food will be ready in 30 minutes.

We ordered curries and naan breads. They all ended up tasting really good! The food here is more Indian-Malay which is hard to find in Sydney. Great to know this little gem isn├óÔé¼Ôäót so far away from home. It ended up being a good Sydney takeaway joint!

On the left Dal Tarka ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£ yellow lentils. Top right, Kadai chicken – chicken cooked in a sauce of onion, fresh ginger, sliced green chilli, roasted coriander, caron seeds and cumin and lastly Ikan Wangli ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£ fillets of fish seasoned with turmeric, spices, onion and tomato. Our favourite ended up being the Ikan Wangli.

The naan was pretty good as well. They were really crispy and nicely flavoured.

359 Port Hacking Road
South Caringbah

blog post


I Dream in Chocolate dined and wine as guest of Puer. This has NOT influenced the post in any way and the post will provide an honest review.

I got an invitation in my inbox to try out a restaurant. I admit I scratched my head going, Puer? Where is that? Little did I know, it was the restaurant next to Aldi in Waterloo and it has been in operation for 2 years. I have driven passed it a few times but I admit I haven’t noticed it. What got me interested was the name, Puer. Puer is one of my favourite teas especially as a perfect pairing to yum cha/dim sim. They have an extensive tea menu and the food menu is divided into 4 parts – dumplings, street food, mains and desserts.


To start off, what better then to have a pot of pu èr. The 2005 Yunnan sourced pu èr has a beautiful aroma and the tea process starts with doing a tea wash, followed by a second filling. The tea here is presented in the traditional way.


I wanted a nice fruity cocktail and the waitress recommended the Peaches and Phoenix which was topped with dried peaches. It wasn’t too sweet like most peach teas which is the one thing I disliked. This one was light in sweetness but refreshing at the same time.


We couldn’t help but ordered the siu mai since it was a different version to what we are accustomed to. It has chicken filling and topped with scallops. They were tasty and packed with great flavour. It was hard fighting for the 3rd when there is 3 between 2 people.


The Shanghai dumplings wasn’t too bad in taste however the skin was rolled too thick and didn’t have the soup broth inside of it. It is also larger than the usual Xiao Long Bao.


Next was the spicy prawn dumplings. It was unique and different but had an exquisite and lovely taste.


The Hong Kong mini burgers was such a unique take with crunching panko pork and slightly spicy chilli sauce.


The wagyu tacos was probably the favourite of the night. Packed with a punch of chilli and very tender beef. I think we both need to order a plate each, next time.


Caramelised pork belly with tea eggs. The pork belly melted in our mouths and every bit of the sauce was scooped onto the eggs. Simply put, it was delicious for a pork lover like me.


Before dessert started, we tried another tea called Phoenix. It was the suggestion of our waiter and had hints of a fruity after taste. It was a lovely palette cleanser before dessert.


Dessert started with the kaffir lime sorbet with coconut, black glutinous rice and coconut water. The sorbet was so refreshing and light. I ended having a large portion of it and almost forgotten about the hubby. I’m usually am not a dessert person so it speaks volumes about this dessert.


Sadly the red bean donuts was a bit of a letdown. The donuts only had a tiny bit of red bean, it would have tasted a lot better if there was more red bean paste to it.

We enjoyed the food overall and already talked about going back. Will be definitely ordering the wagyu tacos, pork belly and kaffir lime sorbet next time. The price point is slightly on the pricey side then a typical dumpling place but the quality of the food speaks for itself.

20a Danks St
Waterloo NSW 2017

Pu'er on Urbanspoon

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Ippudo Central Park

I Dream in Chocolate dined as a guest of SD Marketing & Ippudo. The following review is an honest and unbiased

One of the reasons we haven’t gone to Japan yet is mostly contributed to my love of ramen. The Mr thinks once we arrived in Japan we will be eating ramen everyday. I giggled at this because he isn’t very far from the truth. These days Sydney has quite a number of choices for ramen. Tonight I am back at Ippudo but at their branch in Central Park. I also spotted two new ramens I haven’t seen before their vegetable ramen (Shojin) and the miso tonkotsu.

Iced green tea & homemade lemon lime & bitters

IMG_1059Karaage chicken, this was really good. The batter was light and not so oily compared to other karaage chicken I had

Gyoza. Ippudo does this well not the best out there but still quite decent.

As usual I always go for the akamaru shinaji with tamago (egg). On my previous Ippudo blog post I noted the egg at the Westfield store was a bit overdone, this time round it was perfect! Lovely and gooey, just how I like my eggs in ramen. The waiter recommended to slowly mix the the red miso but I like to add the whole miso paste in. The ramen noodles are also made fresh offsite and you have a three choices of noodle firmness either soft, medium or firm.

Mr on the other hand was keen to try the miso tonkotsu that we haven’t seen on the menu before. It had the right amount of miso in it and didn’t overpower the whole ramen. Normally I find miso ramen a bit too overpowering.

Readers do you have a favourite ramen restaurant?

Lower Ground, Central Park
Rb07 Lower Ground Floor 28 Broadway Chippendale, NSW 2008

Ippudo Central Park on Urbanspoon

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