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Be Back Soon :)

Sorry guys! Things are a little hectic on my end hence the lack of blog posts. Promise to blog again real soon once things settle down

blog post

The Tuckshop

A new burger joint called The Tuckshop has recently opened over the last few months. Upon hearing this from Chocolatesuze, I dragged the hubby to The Hills, just to eat burgers. The Tuckshop is run by the lovely boys from The Baron and is located in Glenhaven, a short drive from Castle Hill. Thank goodness they are located in an area with easy to find parking. Lucky for me, The Hills isn’t too far from home.

The restaurant has a few small tables outside, a large common table and a bar bench inside. Otherwise if the place does get too packed you can always takeaway and go to the park next door.

If you know me well enough , you will know that I will travel far and wide for a good burger. It can’t be any burger but must be a really awesome burger. I realise over the years that I am very nitpicky with the burger I like.

I ordered the Cheesy with beef patty, pickles, cheese, onions, mustard and ketchup. My burger was glorious! I couldn’t even find the words to describe it. The beef was tender and juicy. Yes, that bun is perfection. On top of that, the perfect fries with Old Bay Seasoning to finish it off.

The first words my husband uttered out of his mouth was “Wow I didn’t expect this this at all”. It was like he went to burger heaven!

My hubby got the pork burger – slow roasted pork with sriracha & slaw. The pork was so tender and hubby enjoy the pairing with Sriracha. The only fault he found was it wasn’t spicy enough so he ended up having more Sriracha to go with it :) .

Hubby also orders a coffee but sadly I forgot to take a photo of it, he said it was one of the best coffees he had in Sydney.

I could not fault this place at all and I have rave about this place to many people already. Parking check, family friendly check, amazing coffee check, great food check and amazing service check! I really love the fact it is away from the usual places you typically find good food (E.g. Newtown & Surry Hills). Please don’t be turn off by the location and visit when you have the chance!

1/78 Glenhaven Rd
Glenhaven, NSW 2156

The Tuckshop on Urbanspoon

blog post

Ribs and Burgers, Rhodes

Ribs and Burgers have been on my list for ages. Dearest Ling has recommend it to me for a while now. Sadly I didn’t find the time to go in Melbourne but I was relieved to find out there was branches in Sydney as well. On the downside Ribs and burgers does not take bookings, going on a Friday night during peak hour time was so risky. But we decided to go ahead for the love of ribs and meat. Luckily, there was a few tables still available when we arrived about 7:15pm. At Ribs and burgers it’s similar to service at a bar/bistro, you order the food at the service counter then take a number and get a table. The restaurant is very family friendly and has outdoor seating if you prefer


I couldn’t make up my mind what to order but then I saw the Ribs and burgers combination meal. Done! I picked the pork ribs and chicken and a beef burger for the two burgers. With a serve of cabbage salad on the side. The chicken burger was really good it was juicy and the sauce with the burger really went well together. The beef burger I felt was a bit average nothing special at all. Upon first bite of the Pork ribs it was so tender and full of saucy goodness and I quickly gobbled up the next few ribs. But the awesome tender ribs did stop there. If you noticed on my picture above the pork ribs are split in half. The first rack I had was really good but the second rack was so dry. I wish it was more consistent.

The Mr, picked the large rack of pork ribs. I asked the MR if the ribs was good. He mentioned the full rack of ribs was very tender all the way through.

Mr K orders the beef ribs and I noticed the portion is significantly smaller then the pork rib version. But it is a bit cheaper after all. I didn’t get to taste the beef ribs but Mr K gave us a big thumbs up.

Ms A orders the Feather steak. The steak came out looking like a slightly thicker minute steak that you can purchase from the supermarkets. Ms A wasn’t impressed with the steak and gave it a thumbs down. It didn’t have any flavour at all and Ms A was mopping up the sauces with the steaks.

As a rib lover I admit I always do compare everything back to Hurricanes. Is it better? Or is hurricanes better? Ribs and Burgers come close, I wasn’t happy with my second part of my ribs but comparing with the first rack that I had, it was really something! But in the end Hurricanes is still leading the ribs supremacy. Pricing wise Hurricanes full rack of ribs (pork) are more steeper in cost in comparison $44.9 vs $29.

So readers, do you have a favourite restaurant to go for ribs?

Shop 53-54, 1 Rider Avenue
Rhodes, NSW 2138

Ribs & Burgers on Urbanspoon

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